Microsoft Outlook is a free, personal email from Microsoft. It is also available for businesses and organizations. With Outlook, you can have a focused view of your email. However, you may find the interface a bit confusing if you are new to Outlook. If you are new here and you want to know how to do some simple tasks in Outlook, you are in the right place. Such a simple and repetitive task is sending a Calendar invite. I am here to show you how to get it done.

What is this Calendar Invite?

Email clients include a calendar service. You can schedule a meeting and invite your friends or colleagues. It will automatically appear on your friend or co-worker’s system. You can easily create such events and share them with others. Let us see how to do that.

A short note: Before we proceed, I would recommend something to you, add people you want to send a calendar invite to your Outlook Contacts. Otherwise, you would have to type their email addresses every time.

How to Send a Calendar Invite in Outlook?

1. Open the Outlook website .

2. Log in to your account using your Outlook credentials. That is, Outlook email ID and Password.

3. Find the Calendar in the form of an icon on the lower-left corner of your window. Click on it.

4. Click on the New Event button on the top-left of your window to create a new event. You can also schedule a new event or a meeting by clicking on the desired date.

5. Fill out all relevant details and then select More options. You may have to fill out details such as the title of the meeting, the location, and timing.

6. You can see the Invite Attendees section just after the title of the event. Fill out any other detail you wish to include and start inviting your colleagues.

7. To the Invite Attendees section, add your people (recipients).

8. You can also invite Optional Attendees to your meeting. They need not attend the event compulsorily. However, if they wish, they can attend the meeting.

9. Click on the Send option located on the top-left corner of the window. Or just click on the Save option is there isn’t a Send button.

10. That’s all you have to do in order to create and send a Calendar Invite in Outlook.

How to send a Calendar Invite in Outlook PC App

The steps are similar to that of the website version of Outlook.

1. Find the Calendar in the form of an icon on the lower-left corner of your window. Click on it.

2. From the menus at the top, choose New Meeting. You can also create a new meeting by selecting New Items ->Meeting.

3. Add people to the section that is labeled as Required. It means that these people are required to attend the meeting. You can also specify some people in the Optional section. They may attend the meeting if they wish.

4. To add people from your Address Book, you have to click on the label named Required.

5. Select the person from your Address Book. Click on Required to add them as a required member, or you can select Optional to specify them as an optional member.

6. After adding your people, choose OK.

7. Add all necessary details and specify the start and the end timing of the meeting with the dates.

8. After you have furnished all details and the location, click on the Send option on the left side of your screen.

Great! You now have created and sent a Calendar Invite for your meeting using Outlook.

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How to send a Calendar Invite in Outlook Android App

Android applications are getting more popular day by day. Many users prefer using Outlook in their Android smartphone. Here is the procedure to send a Calendar Invite in the Outlook android application.

1. Open the Outlook app on your Android smartphone.

2. Tap on the Calendar icon on the bottom left of your screen.

3. Select the Plus button or symbol at the bottom right to create a calendar invitation.

4. Fill out all the data that is required. You may have to fill out details such as the title of the meeting, the location, and timing.

5. Add people whom you want to invite.

6. Click on the tick symbol on the top-right.

That’s it! Your meeting will now be saved. All the participants would be notified of the meeting. When you view your calendar after you saved a meeting, it will show the particular event on that day.

A minor issue with details

Some users say that they face a minor issue with these Calendar Invites. That common issue is the sending of incomplete meeting details. That is, complete event details won’t be sent to your participants. To resolve this,

1. Open the Windows Registry Editor You can search for it in the Start menu of your windows.

2. Else, Run the command as regedit.


4. Then go to Software. In that, you must expand Microsoft.

5. Then expand the Office folder.

6. Click on 15.0 or 16.0. That depends upon which version you use.

7. Expand Outlook, then Options, and then Calendar. The final path would look like:

8. On the right part of the window, right-click, select New.

9. Choose Add DWORD value.

10. Alternate method: Go to the Edit menu and choose New. Now choose DWORD value.

11. Name the value as EnableMeetingDownLevelText and input the value as 1.

12. Close the window.

13. Now proceed with restarting your system and your problem will be resolved.


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Now you have learned how to send a Calendar Invite in Outlook. Kindly mention in the comments section if you find this useful. Don’t forget that you can contact me to clarify any of your doubts.